Inoue Laboratory, ISSP, Univ. Tokyo


We are studying mechanism of photo-receptive proteins driven by light-energy such as microbial and animal rhodopsins. Also, we are trying optogenetic applications on the basis of fundamental insights of the photoreceptive proteins.

If you would like to perform research in our laboratory, please contact to “inoue* (Exchange "*" to "@")”.


  1. October 13, 2021 Publication page was updated. "Pro219 is an electrostatic color determinant in the light-driven sodium pump KR2" was published in Communications Biology.
  2. August 4, 2021 Publication page was updated. "Microbial Rhodopsins: The Last Two Decades" was published in Annual Review of Microbiology.
  3. July 1, 2021 Publication page was updated. "Thermostable Light-Driven Inward Proton Pump Rhodopsins" was published in Chemical Physics Letters.