Inoue Laboratory, ISSP, Univ. Tokyo


We are studying mechanism of photo-receptive proteins driven by light-energy such as microbial and animal rhodopsins. Also, we are trying optogenetic applications on the basis of fundamental insights of the photoreceptive proteins.

If you would like to perform research in our laboratory, please contact to “inoue* (Exchange "*" to "@")”.


  1. April 7, 2021 Publication page was updated. "The Third Class of Rhodopsin: Heliorhodopsin" was published in CSJ "Chemistry and Chemical Industry: Division Topics".
  2. April 1, 2021 Publication page was updated. "Crystal Structure of Schizorhodopsin Reveals Mechanism of Inward Proton Pumping" was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.
  3. April 1, 2021 Member page was updated. Syunki Takaramoto and Tomohiro Ishizuka joind to our laboratory.