Inoue Laboratory, ISSP, Univ. Tokyo


We are studying mechanism of photo-receptive proteins driven by light-energy such as microbial and animal rhodopsins. Also, we are trying optogenetic applications on the basis of fundamental insights of the photoreceptive proteins.

If you would like to perform research in our laboratory, please contact to “inoue* (Exchange "*" to "@")”.


  1. January 5, 2022 Publication page was updated. "Diverse Heliorhodopsins Detected via Functional Metagenomics in Freshwater Actinobacteria, Chloroflexi and Archaea" was published in Environmental Microbiology.
  2. November 27, 2021 Publication page was updated. "Heliorhodopsin Evolution is Driven by Photosensory Promiscuity in Monoderms" was published in mSphere.
  3. November 25, 2021 Publication page was updated. "Rhodopsins at a glance" was published in Journal of Cell Science.