Inoue Laboratory, ISSP, Univ. Tokyo


Naoko Kubo
  • April 2010-March 2012: College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University
  • B.S. in Agriculture
  • April 2012-March 2015: Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences,
    Osaka University; Cross-Boundary Innovation Program (CBI)
  • March 2017: Master of Medical Science (MMedSc)
  • April 2015-March 2017: Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University
  • April 2017-Present: Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University
  • June 2018-Present: DIARE doctoral course student, Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education (DIARE),
    Tohoku University
  • April 2019-Present: JSPS Research Fellow (DC2)
Hobby: Netflix, Music, Coffee, Reading, Cycling
Comment: There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
Research theme
Optogenetic manipulation of neural-metabolic coupling